How to Survive the Holidays on a Shoestring Budget

Single parents often struggle to make ends meet after divorce. You no longer can share expenses. For example, two working people could pay the mortgage and the utilities together. Also, they could file taxes jointly. And that made living cheaper. By comparison, after divorce, lifestyles for single parents are often more modest. Yet, you’re facing a season where holiday spending is the norm. Besides, you don’t want your children to feel the hardship of a tighter budget.

What can you do? has some suggestions. There are ways to create holiday cheer without breaking the bank.

Start New Traditions

Instead of going on extravagant ski trips or going to expensive recreation parks, create a simpler tradition. Many neighborhoods decorate houses with magnificent lights. Go for a drive and check out the spectacles. Your only expense is gasoline in the car. Drink hot chocolate and take your kids and a group of their friends Christmas caroling. Or sing your own Christmas carols when you get together with friends and family.

You can get creative with what you have:

  • Bake some Christmas cookies.
  • Decorate gingerbread men and women.
  • Buy some colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue and cotton balls.
  • Make snowmen, a Santa Claus and other decorations for your tree.
  • Watch funny Christmas movies.

The kids will discover how much fun creating simple things can be.

Discover the Spirit of the Season as Single Parents

Fill your season with lots of joy and love. There is no cost involved in doing that. Besides, happy memories are what you and your child will cherish the most.

Being single parents doesn’t have to be arduous. You don’t have to get stuck in your previous expectations. What’s more, think of the conflict and stress you’ve left behind by getting a divorce. Enjoy the freedom you have now and get into the spirit of the season.

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