Don’t Miss the Warning Signs of a Marriage Breakdown

Divorce signs are something many people observe. And often outsiders are more aware of them than the couple having the problems. If you see warning signs ahead of time, you may be able to get marriage counseling or address your challenges before reaching the “point of no return.” Courts call the point of no return “irreconcilable differences.” Irreconcilable differences are grounds for a no-fault divorce in Texas.

Divorce Signs to Be Aware of

Despite the fact couple’s lives vary greatly, there are common denominators that lead to marriage breakdowns. According to Reader’s Digest, here are some of the most prevalent causes:

Communication Failures

When communication is superficial, it breaks down the affection and closeness that couples share. The same is true if communication is one way with one spouse doing most of the talking and the other spouse always listening.

Differing Opinions About Having Children

Even though couples may agree before marriage, sometimes one spouse becomes career-focused and minds change. You can find yourself having different goals for what you want out of your marriage.

Growing Apart

The less time you spend with each other, the more you may feel like you’re heading in different directions. The gap can widen so much that you wonder why you’re even together. Find things you share in common and enjoy doing together.

Not Respecting Each Other

Failing to respect your spouse can lead to building up criticisms. When enough criticism mounts, you discover that your love for the person has eroded. The bond that brought you together may no longer exist. It takes work to earn each other’s respect and treat one another the way each spouse wants to be treated.

A Track Record of Extra-Marital Affairs

When a spouse is not cut out for monogamy, it can destroy a marriage. A spouse who changes their ways after one affair and remains faithful forever after may be able to save a marriage after cheating. However, the track record for a spouse who engages in one affair after another is not compatible with marriage.

When to Seek Legal Help

If you’ve given up on your marriage, it may be time to seek legal advice. Speak with one of our attorneys at Richardson Brown and we can address your concerns.