How to Survive Unhappy Emotions During the Holidays

Christmas day custody is something you will work out with your ex based on your parenting plan for child custody. Typically, parents alternate holidays. One parent has children on Christmas for one year and the other parent for the next year. So, when it’s your year without the kids, you may find yourself missing them. What can you do to overcome unwanted feelings?

Master Certified Coach, Cathy Meyer suggests several tips.

Spend the Day with Friends or Family

If your kids have the day with your ex, find friends or family you can be with instead of spending time alone. Loneliness is not something you should have to endure. Spare yourself of the heartbreak. Even if friends are with family, they may like the idea of getting away in the evening for dessert or a drink.

Keep the Christmas Day Custody in Perspective

Remember that Christmas is just one day. Usually when one parent has the kids for Christmas Day, the other parent has them for New Years Day. Look at the day with a self-less approach and feel the love of the season. Be happy that your children have parents who love them and who both want to spend time with them.

Do Something Enjoyable

Go somewhere special. If you’ve always wanted to visit a botanical garden or ski at a resort, make a day of it. Or, plan a day trip, go to a concert or do something exciting. On the other hand, doing something relaxing may be just what you need. Read a book or get a massage.

Perhaps most of all, you can acknowledge the freedom your divorce provided. Realize that alternating Christmas day custody is worth not having to visit with in-laws or fight with your ex.

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