Many Couples Divorce in January

January divorces are common. As a result, January has acquired the name of divorce month. However, a recent study shows it may not actually be the month with the highest divorce rates.

A study done by the University of Washington analyzed 15 years of divorces being filed in Washington. Researchers found that divorces peaked in August and March. Yet, there also was a spike in divorce filings in January.

Do the Holidays Affect the Rates for January Divorces?

Psychologists and legal experts agree that many couples stay together to have a happy holiday season. Some couples may hope there’s still a chance to save their marriage. They may feel if they could inject a bit of happiness into the relationship, they might turn a corner. Maybe they could turn their marriage around. Also for the same reasons, some couples may wait until after Valentine’s Day or after summer vacation. However, if they fail to improve their relationship, often the failed attempt simply confirms their decision to divorce.

Do a Couple’s Children Affect Divorce Timing?

It’s true that children often affect the timing for divorce. Just imagine looking your children in the eyes before Christmas and saying you’re getting a divorce. Young children are excited about Santa and getting presents and all the activities of the season. No parent wants to be the grinch who puts a damper on children’s happiness. The same is true regarding summer vacation. When school is out, kids look forward to vacation with great anticipation. Getting away together as a family can create some fond and fun childhood memories. Saying there will be no vacation because Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce is a spoiler that can ruin the summer.

Seek Legal Advice

If you’re considering divorce, there are many factors to weigh and careful planning is in order. It’s very vital to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer so you can get a legal perspective and better understanding of the divorce process.

With proper planning, you can time your divorce so it has the least tax implications and minimizes the emotional toll on your children and yourselves.

Our lawyers at Richardson Brown Law provide strong legal guidance. We have compassion for your situation and will keep your matters private.