Taking Time to Make the Right Decisions

Planning your divorce early on is wise, and no doubt you have many questions about how your life will change. Where will you live? What arrangements will you make for your children? How will you pay for living expenses? Yet, these few questions just scratch the surface. Also, if you’re uncertain about going through with a divorce, should you still see a lawyer? How fast does the divorce happen once you’ve consulted with your lawyer?

Work Out an Exit Strategy When Planning Your Divorce

Many people put an exit strategy in place before actually filing for divorce. They figure out living arrangements and finances to sustain themselves during divorce. There is no substitute for being thorough and taking your time to carefully consider the whole plan.

Plan Toward Financial Security

Consider tax consequences, and time the divorce when it would take the least toll on finances.

Create copies of financial records, such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Investment statements
  • Life insurance policies
  • Credit card statements
  • Credit reports
  • Stock certificates

Also take stock of your career and your future ability to provide for yourself. It is not likely you will receive alimony unless you are disabled and unable to work to support yourself. Courts also award alimony when you have a disabled child who requires your care.

It’s a good idea to pay off debts and become financially solvent. Work on building up your credit. Go back to school if necessary and get trained in a career that enables you to be self-supportive. If your spouse has health and dental insurance coverage, address any medical issues for you and your children as part of your pre-divorce planning.

If you can put good planning in place ahead of time and avoid costly litigation through an amicable resolution, you can save a lot of legal expense.

Plan for Emotional Security

You plan to minimize potential conflict. Psychology Today explains that ending your marriage abruptly can leave your spouse in a state of shock. Shock can quickly turn into anger and lead to conflict. Emotions often get in the way, making it difficult to reach agreements for property division or a parenting plan.

Sometimes living apart for a while is a good way to ease into divorce. Also, you should work out a plan for breaking the news to family and friends.

Work Closely with Your Attorney to Make the Right Decisions

Choosing an attorney who has experience with divorce can make divorce less challenging. The most experienced divorce lawyers typically focus their practice on family law and divorce.