Divorce confidentiality is something clients often worry about. Understandably, no one wants private matters aired in public.

In addition, divorce is probably one of the most difficult life experiences you will go through. Not only are you dealing with a life changing event, it is also difficult to tell a stranger about a failed relationship, the state of your finances or private emotional issues that could affect your future.

The American Bar Association explains what divorce confidentiality means. Whatever you tell your divorce lawyer is legally privileged, which means the lawyer must keep it confidential. The exceptions are if you say you are about to commit a crime or if a child has been abused. Otherwise, by law, your attorney cannot disclose your private information to another person.

Do You Have to Discuss Private Matters?

As your lawyer, I need to know about potentially damaging information because how we handle these types of issues can determine the outcome of your case. The outcome of your case can affect your lifestyle for many years to come. If you have children, divorce is even more complicated, both financially and emotionally.

You should be honest. It is my job as your lawyer to figure out how to present problematic evidence but I have to know that a problem exists. I will never tell you to lie under oath. If your case goes to trial and you are questioned while on the stand, you must tell the truth. However, most cases today resolve without going to court or having to testify on the stand.

The legal process is complex, and unless you are an attorney, the petitions, the court system and the legal language involved with a case may be confusing for you. Many clients want to know what to expect from a legal standpoint. Even lawyers hire their own attorneys to handle their divorce cases. Divorce is not easy.

I respect you as my client and the challenges you face when going through divorce. It is not easy to end a marriage with someone you once loved and trusted. Please understand that I am on your side, have compassion for you and will do my best to protect your best interests and what is in the best interest of your children.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Richardson