Why Divorce Is Common in January

January has been coined “Divorce Month” due to all the couples who consult with lawyers about divorce and file during the month of January. January is a busy time for divorce.

In fact, according to Market Watch, the increase in divorce filings begins the first Monday in January and remains so throughout the month. Lawyers even call it “Divorce Monday.”

Why is January a time when so many couples consider divorce?

Reasons January Became Divorce Month

Many couples that file for divorce in January were considering divorce earlier but put the consideration on hold during the holidays. Few parents want to be the one who ruined Christmas because he or she filed for divorce during the holidays. However, when the new year arrives and people are taking stock of their lives and making New Year’s resolutions, it’s a time of change. The parent who was holding off on seeing a lawyer may decide it is time to move forward.

The holidays also may serve as a catalyst for emotions to run high. Unhappiness feels even more pronounced and a spouse reaches the breaking point in their marriage. A spouse may look at the past year and decide they never want to experience a year like that again.

In contrast, some couples’ lives may have seemed magically happy over the holidays but then January arrived. Reality set in again and problems that were set aside have emerged again with even greater impact than before.

The timing for some divorces is financially based. Some spouses are waiting for December 31st to pass by so they can claim a joint tax filing for the previous year. Joint filing can offer better tax breaks.

In effect, there are many reasons that January became divorce month.

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