Agreements for Parenting Time During Holidays

Holiday visitation may be something you wrestle with while searching for solutions. It’s no wonder because the holidays are special times that families spend together. And both parents usually want to spend time with their children.

What Are Some Solutions to Holiday Visitation Issues?

Because everyone’s family is different, no “one size fits all” solution exists. Even so, here are some possible solutions.

Alternating Yearly Holidays

The idea of taking turns has been around for a long time, yet it’s a timeless option that considers both sides. It often works well for parents who are divorced. One year the children spend Christmas, Thanksgiving or a particular event with one parent. The next year the holiday or event alternates with the children spending that time with the other parent.

Celebrate the Holiday on Another Day

If one parent celebrates with the children on Thanksgiving Day, the other parent can celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day, such as the previous or following Sunday. Most children won’t complain about getting two holiday celebrations, especially when the holiday is Christmas.

Split the Holiday in Half

One parent can have the children overnight and until 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. the next day. The children spend the remaining part of the holiday from 2:00 p.m. onward with the other parent and stay overnight there.

Spend Fixed Holidays with a Particular Parent

When couples have different favorite holidays or events, they can often agree on a fixed schedule. For example, one parent prefers New Year’s to Christmas. The couple agrees that every year the children will spend Christmas and New Year’s with the parent who favors that holiday.

You can also create an agreement that combines some of these different ways of scheduling holiday visitation. Alternate some holidays, split others and let each parent spend their favorite holidays (if their favorites are different) with the children.

Do You Have Concerns About Working Out Parenting Time?

If you’re getting a divorce and need help with working out an agreement for parenting time, our attorneys at Richardson Brown can help.

Source: Custody X Change