Can a Selfie Make a Difference in Your Divorce Case?

Divorce selfies are a new term and new selfie concept that has hit the mainstream media. However, selfies have been popular for a number of years and are commonplace in today’ digital world. A selfie, a photo that you shoot of yourself using a mobile phone, is a concept that caught on very quickly. Many people snap pictures of themselves without giving much thought about the consequences. They snap selfies of themselves and their children, selfies when they are out having a good time, selfies when they are wearing a new outfit, and the list goes on.

Yet, “for every time there is a season,” and when you are mid-divorce and snapping a selfie of yourself in sexy lingerie to send to your new boyfriend, it bodes well to pause for a moment and think about what you are doing.

Digital communications frequently end up as evidence in divorce cases and can influence a judge’s decision. When weighing whether one parent is more fit than another in a sole custody battle case, you would not want your selfie to be an influencing factor.

Common sense tells us that taking selfies related to divorce is either not a good idea or should be subject to scrutiny and consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer for legal advice.

Divorce Selfies that Started Appearing Online in 2017

According to a Today article written in July of 2017, divorce selfies are pictures couples take of themselves after their divorce is final. They are taken to show the world that the couple is still on amicable terms. Some couples commemorate the moment and post their image and caption on Instagram or Facebook. One divorcee who did that wrote, “Divorce is final. Think we get along better now than when we were married.”

The posting can serve as a communication to families that the ordeal is over and all is well. It can also help assure children that their parents still get along. One couple wrote, “Proudly announcing our official divorce, what remains is love, respect, friendship, and a pair of really great kiddos!!!” The image showed the couple standing together with big smiles on their faces.

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